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Introduction Of WhatsApp Marketing WA Message Sender

Send thousands of messages to your customer with tons of features at your fingertips with WhatsApp Marketing Tool (WA Message Sender). Connect with your customers at ease and flexibility. Marketing on WhatsApp will help you reach your potential audience. Bulk WhatsApp Sender helps you send messages to many people at once. You can either import a list to filter numbers or send them messages.

WA Message Sender

Why WhatsApp Marketing?

More than 2.5 billion people around the world using WhatsApp. Why don’t you take advantage of it by market your products or services through our Bulk WhatsApp Sender that provides you the easier way to reach your target audience and start two-way communication instantly. The WA Sender is a great tool for marketers to reach their customers and prospects.

Benefits Of Using WA Message Sender

Set fully customized auto replies

You can set auto reply feature so you don’t have to reply. It’ll create manually answering to basic informational question and queries to auto-reply as per client’s enquiry.

Filter WhatsApp Numbers

With WA Message Sender you can get all the contacts from your contact list. filter your database in active on whatsapp and non-active on whatsapp Filtering makes it easy to see what numbers can be used to send bulk messages.

Extract numbers from WhatsApp groups

With WA Message Sender, you can get all the groups from your WhatsApp and select a specific group to get the contacts from and send messages to those contact numbers. This makes it easy to run campaigns in specific groups or targeted audience.

Message speed sending control

You can send bulk messages and control the speed at which messages are being sent so every message sent after another will have some pre-defined delay and people can receive your messages throughout the day!

Accurate and fast performance

You can get 100% results by using these features and they just not speed up your working process but also gives you accurate data and less work load.

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